Asseco EBP - a business banking platform

Modern electronic banking solution dedicated to every sector and group of corporate clients. Micro, macro and corporates.

A banking system that operates quickly and omnichannel

Efficient management of the bank's portfolio on the one hand and adaptation to the individual needs of enterprises on the other.

Flexible and user-friendly corporate banking

The system provides efficient and maximum universal access to information on both the bank and client's side.

Asseco EBP - new dimension of corporate banking

The bank is changing its role from a supplier of standard products to a partner for entrepreneurs, offering individual solutions tailored to their needs.

Asseco EBP is a modern electronic banking solution dedicated to every sector and group of corporate clients. It is based on a universal platform of online access to business products and services for customers and bank employees. Thanks to Asseco EBP, the bank can implement an omnichannel strategy and permanently build its competitive advantage.

Boutique with miniapplications

An important element of most modern systems, not only electronic banking, is the customization of displayed options according to the customer’s needs. On the one hand, there cannot be too many screen options in order to maintain flexibility and simplicity of use, and on the other hand, functionalities must meet customer needs.

In Asseco EBP, the bank has a tool for creating miniapplications dedicated to corporate clients and tailored to their size, industry and specificity of operations. From a miniaplication boutique, companies can choose the tools that best meet their current needs.

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Product management

Asseco EBP functionalities allow efficient management of transactional banking products, trade finance and loans.


Financial liquidity management by monitoring transactions in various currencies, prediction of bank account balances.


Revenue and expenses analysis based on graphical data presentation.

Stałe finansowanie firmy

Dzisiejszy bank nie jest już tylko dostawcą standardowych produktów, ale również partnerem, który zapewnia przedsiębiorcom indywidualne oraz dopasowane do ich potrzeb rozwiązania. Możliwe jest to tyko wówczas, gdy między bankiem a klientem nie powstaje żadne opóźnienie w dostarczaniu usług finansowych.

News and notifications 24 hours a day

Asseco EBP allows you to send and receive messages, thanks to which it provides corporate clients with immediate contact with the bank. In any situation, the client is immediately notified of pending alerts.

Submission of applications by any channels

In addition, it also allows you to submit a bank request at a convenient time without having to leave the company and arrange additional meetings with your banbk advisor.

End2End processes

Start the process in one channel with the possibility of completing it in another channel without losing the entered data.

Omni-channel onboard

During that long period the corporate clients’ profile often changes: from a small company to large corporations, even to multinational holdings. As a result, their needs for banking solutions change as well. Clients running their business alone have different expectations to clients belonging to large international capital groups.

UX/UI standards

The system has been designed based on research on the needs of companies in the field of user preferences (User Experience) and the latest technological market trends.

RWD requirements

The system’s appearance complies with Responsive Web Design principles, thanks to which it automatically adjusts its appearance and functionality to the device used by the client.

Intuitive operation

The platform guarantees simple service and a matched data system at while maintaining the same navigation philosophy.

Modern interface

Thanks to Asseco EBP the client receives a set of functionalities, predefined by the bank
and adjusted to the user profile. The system also has great flexibility in terms of personalization on the user side customers can also identify the widgets they use most often, which makes it easier for them to work on the day-today operations.

Authorization groups

Assigning appropriate rights to roles performed in the company, managing authorization groups to particular products.

Permission templates

Thanks to the permission templates for individual system users, you save time every time you define the scope of availability. With one click you assign the permissions downloaded from the once prepared template.

Efficient management of the contractor database

One of the basic tasks of modern electronic banking system for corporate clients is quick and flexible management of business partners’ data. The system should ensure efficient and as universal access to it as possible. Asseco EBP provides the possibility of creating, editing or removing a business partner from the database. It offers functionalities which are used to create a group of business partners in an intuitive way.

Multilevel security

Nowadays, corporate customers expect the bank to ensure the reliability and security of the system. In order to meet these expectations Asseco EBP has extensive administrative functions. Such functionalities provide customers with the highest level of security while using the electronic banking solution.

Asseco EBP - an individual approach to the company's requirements

A reliable and intuitive online banking system for entrepreneurs. It provides security comfort and the possibility of immediate interaction: the client - bank, regardless of the communication channel.

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Personalized mini-applications for business needs

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RWD technology compatibility with all devices

Full implementation of the omnichannel strategy

The bank is changing its role from a supplier of standard products to a partner for entrepreneurs, offering individual solutions tailored to their needs. Thanks to Asseco EBP, the bank can implement the omnichannel strategy and permanently build its competitive advantage.



RWD technology




Build a flexible and user-friendly corporate banking!

Each time customers are not able to access the banking system, they are immediately dissatisfied and sometimes incur additional financial costs. Asseco CBP Corporate system enables quick preparation and sharing of new solutions with customers by adding new miniapplications.

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